1. Candida Questions: Treating & Preventing Candidiasis Infections Naturally

    In our modern, probiotic-friendly society, you’re probably well aware that not all bacteria is bad. Your body has a variety of different bacteria and other small organisms that help your body function well. This includes helpful bacteria in your gut, which probiotic-rich yogurt and kefir is suppos…Read More

  2. CoolSculpting: Where Does The Fat Go?

    Sometimes, losing weight can feel even more impossible than reversing the Earth’s rotation. Well, okay, maybe not that bad! But some areas of the body have impressively tenacious fat deposits that just won’t go away — no matter how hard you try, or which diet you follow. Fortunately, there is …Read More

  3. When Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Can Help

    Hormone levels naturally fluctuate throughout life. How and why your hormone levels fluctuate will vary depending on a whole range of different factors. Some of those reasons are totally normal and healthy, and some of them less so. Fortunately for those who need a bit of hormone help, bioidentical …Read More

  4. Do Chiropractic Adjustments Hurt? And Other Myths Busted

    If you’re experiencing chronic pain in your back, muscles, or joints, you may want to see a back pain specialist for chiropractic treatment or physical therapy. Pain in the body can be caused from a number of problems, however, there’s usually a root cause that can be targeted and addressed to h…Read More

  5. Health Concerns Spinal Decompression Can Help

    It can be frightening to feel pain in your back. Whether you’ve lifted something heavy and felt a sharp pain or you’ve gradually felt uncomfortable until one day, your back began to hurt, you may be dealing with what’s called spinal compression. This condition can happen almost anywhere along …Read More

  6. What Is Trigger Point Therapy And How Does It Help?

    Are you experiencing pain or discomfort in a specific muscle? What about knots in certain muscles? When the pain in specific muscle areas radiate outwards, causing a general discomfort that cannot be ignored, it’s deemed a trigger point. Most patients call the pain annoying and, in some cases, deb…Read More

  7. Dysport Versus Botox: Which Is Best For You?

    Do you have face wrinkles you want to reverse? How about frown lines you want to improve? As you age, you may begin to feel different than you look. You’re full of energy and have a vigor for the life you’ve developed over time. But what happens when you glance in the mirror and notice wrinkles …Read More

  8. What To Know Before Your First Juvederm Appointment

    Do you have creases or lines around your nose and mouth you want to treat? Or are you noticing a loss in volume in your cheeks and lips? At your medical spa in Peoria, we understand if you want to enhance your facial appearance. Your skin is always on display, and you want to look your best, even as…Read More

  9. Medical Spa Peoria – The Benefits Of Restylane

    Do you want to improve the quality of your skin? How about rejuvenating the natural, youthful appearance of your skin from earlier in your life? As you age, your skin slowly loses its ability to produce hyaluronic acid, which is essential in elasticity and the supple, full look those in their late t…Read More

  10. Natural Treatments For Hot Flashes

    Onset hot flashes feel like a warm heat-wave washes over you; it’s intense across your face and through your chest. In most cases, you will sweat profusely and wonder how long it will last before you can cool off back to a normal body temperature. Unfortunately, as you do cool off, the flash isn…Read More