1. Mermaid for A Day Sweepstakes Winner!

    "A Day at the Spa is something out of a beautiful dream..." Our first ever, "Mermaid for a Day" Sweepstakes wrapped up at midnight on Mother's Day and the MerMom love that poured in to my e-mail for judging in the sweepstakes required tissues, to say the least. Out of more than 50 entries, the task …Read More

  2. Stop Eating Like Everyone Else!

    As we are in the final stages of preparing for tomorrow night's BUZZ Talk on the "7 Foods That Make You Fat," we stumbled upon this great article from Forbes. The title, says it all- " One Way to Be Healthier: Don't Eat Like the Average American." So true! The graphic impact of their graph on USDA r…Read More

  3. Think Twice About that Seasonal Favorite Food

    It goes with out saying that the staff at Senara aren't patrons of many fast food restaurants. And this article breaking down the nutritional information on the beloved Shamrock Shake proves a big reason why we don't eat these items. A big thanks to the folks at Huffington Post for sharing this impo…Read More

  4. THE BUZZ at Senara!

                We are so excited for our new Lecture Series: THE BUZZ! Starting next Thursday, March 21, 2013, we are bringing you information on the latest trends and news for health and wellness. Best of all- THE BUZZ is FREE! Here's what we are BUZZING about this month! RSVP on our Facebook ev…Read More

  5. Complimentary Make-Up Makeover for Valentine's Day

    We want you looking your best for Valentine's Day, so we are offering a complimentary Make-Up Makeover with our La Bella Donna Mineral Make-Up! February 13th and 14th only- claim our Facebook offer and then call to schedule. Openings are limited! That's a $30 value- FREE!…Read More

  6. Chocolate Bliss is here!!!!

    Senara wants to cover you in chocolate from head to toe! Our February and March Spa Specials will do just that with our limited edition Chocolate Bliss Spa Treatments! The smell of chocolate has started to float throughout Senara as our massage therapists and estheticians have been perfecting these …Read More

  7. 7 Foods That Are Making You Fat!

    Yesterday, we asked the question of our fans if they knew the 7 most common food intolerances that can be hindering your weight loss efforts. So here are the answers! Dairy Gluten/Wheat Soy Eggs Corn Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners Peanuts According to JJ Virgin, author of The Virgin Diet, unidentif…Read More

  8. One Step Toward Health

    Sometimes achieving a goal can seem overwhelming, and the best solution is to start with just one step. One small thing you can do to start work toward that goal. And when it comes to BIG lifestyle changes to eat better, exercise more, or just take time out for yourself, identifying ONE thing you ca…Read More

  9. The Spa is Booming!

    What a great last couple of weeks we have had in the spa! The spa is buzzing with positive energy and we are loving pampering every last guest that has come in since the holidays! As this month comes towards a close, we are so happy to see such a large number of guests taking advantage of our Pepper…Read More