With many office positions transitioning to work-from-home models, you want to make sure you’re still maintaining good posture that properly supports your back and joints.

Our mantra at Senara Health and Healing Center & Spa is “Live Life Well.” A large part of that involves keeping your muscles, joints, and bones strong and aligned. If you’re not taking care of your health and posture, it might be time for a realignment or a chiropractic treatment plan. If you want to meet with our chiropractor, you can request an appointment online.

Warning Signs of Bad Posture

There are different ways you can tell if your bad posture is causing you pain or putting you at risk for long term problems. If you notice any of these warning signs, don’t wait for them to heal on their own. Instead, have your pain assessed by a chiropractor.

Neck Strain

Your neck has the important job of supporting your head throughout the day. But if you’re leaning your head forward, that’s putting a lot of strain on your neck and increasing your risk for more serious alignment problems. For example, placing strain on your neck adds stress to your cervical spine, leading to muscle imbalances throughout your body. If left untreated for a long period of time, that neck strain can cause nerve impingements and bulging discs.

Holding your head up and reducing that strain on your neck can be challenging, but a Senara chiropractor can help with an initial alignment and additional treatments and stretches to help relieve that strain.

Eye Strain

Poor posture while working at home can leave your eyes feeling tired or give you frequent headaches. If your head is pushed forward or bent down to complete tasks, that puts strain on the joints and discs of your neck, leading not only to neck strain but also to headaches and other eye problems.

Addressing that posture with a chiropractor and altering how you hold your head can also help alleviate those eye strain problems you’re experiencing.

Rounded Shoulders

Take a look at how you sit or stand at your computer. Rounding your shoulders is when your shoulders are rolled forward, meaning that your back isn’t straight when you’re sitting or standing.

Whether you hunch over while reading or have your monitor set at an incorrect angle, chiropractic exercises will help move your shoulders into their correct position and reduce the impact on your neck and shoulders.

Lower Back Pain

While you’re working, you want your lower back to feel comfortable and unstrained. We’ve already talked about how hunching or leaning forward can cause strain on your neck and shoulders. But that type of posture can also put stress on your back, leading to more serious problems like a postural lower back sprain.

Experiencing pain in your lower back means it’s time to visit a chiropractor for alignment and to discuss ways to support your lower back while working from home.

Wrist Strain

Working from home can involve a lot of typing — and hours with your wrist propped on a keyboard or mouse. But if your wrists aren’t properly supported, you might notice that your wrists feel sore or strained.

Repetitive tasks like typing can lead to fatigue in your muscles or inflamed tendons. If you notice that your wrists are sore or stiff, ask your chiropractor for a treatment plan to help strengthen and support those muscles. Wrists, fingers, elbows, and arms can even be adjusted to help relieve pain!

Tight or Uncomfortable Hips

Spending all day seated at a desk might leave your hips feeling uncomfortable or tight. When you sit normally, you want your pelvis to sit in a neutral position. But sitting incorrectly or for long periods of time can cause the pelvis to rotate forward, leading to hip pain and other problems.

An alignment from a chiropractor can help realign the pelvis, in addition to figuring out a treatment plan to prevent that problem from happening in the future.

Visit Our Peoria Chiropractor

When you’re working from home, the ultimate goal is to go about your day without any pain or stress on your joints. If you start to notice that certain positions or angles are uncomfortable, part of that pain could be caused by how you’re sitting or holding your joints.

If you’re ready for a realignment or to address your work-from-home pain, our chiropractors at

Senara Health and Healing Center & Spa in Peoria will help you feel our best. Request an appointment online.

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